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Being the first and only MarTech company in Indochina to achieve an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) Certification, Zanroo Limited, a Thai company founded in 2008 is currently in the process of establishing several international branches, from Hong Kong, Singapore to Malaysia, including setting up its headquarters in London, UK.
One may have heard about Zanroo, and wonder what do we do? Zanroo is a tool to help you listen and drill down through the current trends, updates and happenings in Social Media in real-time. Not only can the tool collect what people say in Social Media, in fact Zanroo analyzes and categorizes the information to fit in the clients’ needs and requirements.
What sets us apart from the rest of Social Listening Tools in the MarTech firm in the region is the uphold of international standard and the certification of ISO 27001 in Information Security Management Systems. This feature itself reaffirm that all the immense amount of data in relation to Zanroo’s clients are treated with the utmost confidentiality and prudence.
While many of us are at lost on how to make use of, and safely handle all the acquired data from the vast online world, Zanroo comes in to assist in analyzing and understanding diversified online consumer behaviors.
Rated A+ for website security (SSL Security), this reflects on its security standards, which is equal to, or even better than, those of many banking industry websites. Zanroo wants you to be on top of the game. Get to know your competition and dominate your industry share of voice.
With the establishment of its offices all around the region, Zanroo is all-out to turn valuable company insights into actionable marketing plans. Let us help the growth of your business globally by improving the performance of your social channels, measure and benchmark your campaigns against your competitors, all in real-time.
You have the potential to strategize your business and be the best.
Article adapted from: Bangkok Post

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