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17th February 2017 marked the official digital partnership between Zanroo Limited and Hootsuite, two leading companies in Social Media Management.
Sparking off the initiation on the new level of depth and strength to what we offer, it represents our commitment in tackling the challenges of analyzing social data across various industries and markets.
As “How successful business are powered by Social Media” was presented that night, indeed we strive in providing brands and agencies with a solution that enables them to have better understanding, engage, and connect with customers.
With this partnership agreement, Zanroo, together with Hootsuite would be able to cover more depths and go the extra lengths in providing the best services of Social Media Listening Tool, making them the among the key players in the region.
(From left) CEO of Zanroo Chitpol Mungprom and Hootsuite General Manager of Asia-Pacific (APAC) Rich Meiklejohn at Zanroo & Hootsuite Partnership Event in Thailand.
(L – R) Zanroo Regional Head of Marketing Vilon Ho, Chief Operating Officer Carter Lim, Head of Technology Songwoot Srikemngam, Founder/CTO Udomsak Ome Donkhampai, CEO of Zanroo Chitpol Mungprom, Hootsuite General Manager of Asia-Pacific (APAC) Rich Meiklejohn, Hootsuite Global Director, Enterprise Client Strategy Jaime Stein, Hootsuite Sr. Director, Growth & Marketing, Hootsuite Solutions Consultant Emmanuelle Coulon and Roger GrahamHootsuite Director of Partnership Bryan Day.

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