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What we were told
Back in the days, we were constantly exposed to media flows such as, TV, Radio, Print and Out-of-Home. These were the only four media type that we plan and execute our marketing strategies. Before the growth of digital age, it was a much simpler media-mix and we conveniently use the golden rule of “Paid”, “Owned” and “Earned” media to measure brand or campaign performance. 
Today, digital media is commanding the leadership in advertising but we are still seeing the same behaviour as below:

At a glance, it looks convincing but it is also easily challenged. For example:
You just moved to a new country and you are thinking of buying a car (say Toyota) and you got inspired by a user review happen to fall inside the Toyota Official Facebook Fan Page. Is this an “Owned” or “Earned” media?… Or both? 
What about customer service, digital foot-prints, check-ins, and other genuine online brand exposures? All these are telling us that “Earned” media don’t just happen because of digital marketing. It is “Always-On” because of social media. 
If then, can we simplified it by calling it “Presence Media” to aggregate all online media presence and we only measure one thing – Share of Voice? Will this bring us closer to make digital media simple again? 

Today, we are accelerating online marketing campaigns like never before. And we question and check “Paid”, “Owned” and “Earned” media performance on a campaign level. 

CHART A: Based on this example, Campaign B certainly did better in all media types. Would the result be the same if we measure by Presence Media?

CHART B: a -25% decline while other media performances are positive? Is this possible?
Yes, it is possible. Presence media encompass all online buzzes including competitors. The presence media was n=300k during campaign A and n=800k during campaign B. That’s why even though campaign B got +100% but it was still slower than the other competitors by -25%. 
Therefore, it is dangerous to assume the performance of a campaign is equated to a brand’s health. Brand health must be relatively measured against competitors via the concept like presence media. 
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