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Bangkok, July 11, 2017 – “Zanroo”, the fastest-growing “Insight Discovery” MarTech startup in Southeast Asia enables real-time big data analytics to help brands discover actionable insights that enhances campaign activation and crisis management. In just four years, Zanroo managed to amass more than 300 leading brands under its wings, spanning the verticals of banking, automotive, telecom, e-commerce, aviation, consumer goods sectors, and etc.

  • Annual revenue growth between 200% and 400%.
  • Aims to penetrate 40 markets worldwide by 2019, from the present 15 following the funding.
  • ‘Arun’, Zanroo’s proprietary technology, was introduced today as the ‘first in market’ social media Return-On-Investment (ROI) measurement tool to capitalise market demand.

Today, Zanroo entered a new milestone to join the US$24.18 billion MarTech (Marketing Technology) and AdTech (Advertising Technology) industries. It aims to secure a global footprint as ‘the next unicorn startup’ via a healthy Series-A funding of US$7.4 million, a bespoke proprietary technology, and strong teams of local professionals in individual markets.

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“When Zanroo was founded in 2013, we were a two-people company,” recounted Chitpol Mungprom, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Zanroo. “In just four years, we’re active in 15 countries with more than 150 employees across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the UK and Thailand as the headquarters. Since our inception, Zanroo has recorded year-on-year revenue growth in the range of 200% to 400%.”

FightChitpol Mungprom a.k.a. “Fight” explaining Zanroo’s global expansion plans.

“We set ourselves apart with an all-inclusive range of services. On the software front, our social listening and engagement tools are able to slice and dice multi-lingual content to generate actionable insights. This is extremely important for our consultancy services in which we advise brands on strategic and tactical initiatives by seizing opportunities quickly and intercept crisis effectively. Furthermore, Zanroo is the first company in this field to be awarded an ISO 27001 certification – a gold standard for information security management,” he pointed out.

2017 marks another key milestone for Zanroo in its global expansion roadmap. It embarked on a Series-A funding to raise US$7.4 million from Shift Ventures – a venture capital firm which represents institutional investors, notable business owners and high-net-worth individuals. Apart from obtaining capital, Zanroo will be able to leverage on Shift Ventures’ strength in business advisory for market expansion.

OmeUdomsak Donkhampai a.k.a. “Ome” explaining Zanroo’s new proprietary technology – “Arun”

“To empower Zanroo for its global expansion, we developed another advanced solution called ‘Arun’,” added Udomsak Donkhampai, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Zanroo. “Its name was inspired by Wat Arun, or the “Temple of Dawn” – a world-renowned temple that’s famous for its principal stupa and is regarded as the most beautiful in Thailand. The name ‘Arun’ is therefore an ideal representation of its Thai origin”.

“With well-thought, well-designed algorithms, Arun has the ability to process big data quickly and intelligently. As the first of its kind, Arun aggregates paid, owned and earned media holistically for ROI measurement, thus elevating businesses across all industries to a new level. All-in-all, Arun facilitates accurate business decision making,” Udomsak explained.

ome“Ome” showcasing “Arun” to the attendees.

Zanroo has four strategic key advantages: 1) cutting-edge products and technologies; 2) strong local sales team; 3) good client servicing and after-sales services; and 4) marketing consultancy. Powered by its full-fledged marketing plan, Zanroo will be entering cities in the US and China later this year followed by European cities thereafter. Zanroo’s strategic decision to venture into the global market produces an opportunity for Thailand to showcase its capabilities in the MarTech arena as it introduces the brainchild of the Thai people off-shore with an ambition to be the first Thai startup to stamp its mark globally.

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“Arun will be a game changer due to its capabilities in powering brands around the world spur their businesses and increase their marketing performance. We are confident that Zanroo will achieve the US$7.43 million (THB260 million) revenue target this year. And by 2019, Zanroo will be present in 40 countries worldwide with revenues reaching US$30 million (approx. THB1 billion) per annum. We also envision Zanroo as the first Thai brand to become a unicorn startup and one of the world’s top-ten MarTech companies,” Chitpol concluded.

Definition of Terms:
Insight Discovery Platform collects and process consumer insights. It tracks, analyze and process consumer feedback about brands, products, services, people and activities on social media services and turns them into actionable insights. The platform covers three social media intelligence services below.
1. Social Listening: The service is all ears to what consumers say about brands, products, services, people, activities and social media.
2. Social Engagement: This service provides access and connection to online social media platforms complete with the ability to interact instantaneously and conveniently.
3. Consultancy Service: This service offers expert consulting to maximize benefits from the analyzed data and insights.
MarTech (Marketing Technology) is the use of technology to support marketing operations.
A Unicorn Startup is a startup company with a valuation of US$1 billion or more.

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