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You’re going to think that this is a serious post. Where we’re going to tell you all about the fun things we did in our team building session.

Here’s the truth, we just want to skip work and have fun with everyone:

Okay, jokes aside, let’s hear from those who’ve attended the team building:

“Was expecting the typical team building but man I’m glad I was wrong, it was fun and the moderator got us engaged with the program despite the language barrier and it was so fun that we didn’t realised that we are in a team building session. That aside, we got to finally meet our counter parts from Thailand and further bonds with our Malaysian team with the nights spent together. Do hope to see more of this kind of event in future!” – Afiq Rashidi, Research & Content Specialist (MY)

Team Building

“The activities are well organized and the objective of “Team Building” are met because all the activities required teamwork.” – Chew Yee Yee, Business Service Assistant (MY)

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“Exploring Kanchanaburi with the Zanroo team was a unique experience and the facilitators were very thoughtful and helpful throughout. Despite the initial language barrier between the TH and MY team, we all got along well and I also had the opportunity to get to know some of my colleagues better as friends. Thank you Zanroo!” – Mechell, Account Manager (MY)

Team Building

“Creating synergy amongst teams in different markets is important for a global company like Zanroo. The way Zanroo achieves this is through cross-market team building activities. With this, we are able to get to know our colleagues from different markets, share ideas to improve how we operate and not forgetting to have fun along the way.” – Jonathan Lau, Marketing Manager (MY)

“The team building was the good learning to open my mind, not only the different culture but also the team solutions sharing technics. That’s valuable!!!” – Anawil Tangvongsasiriwat, Marketing Manager (TH)

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