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Zanroo Japan had conducted a training session with students of Aizu University on July 25th. It was a win-win collaboration in both (a) preparing students for when they enter the job market, (b) allowing Zanroo to engage and build brand awareness towards the education community in Japan.

Taishiro-san giving lectureTaishiro-san’s introduction on using a social listening tool.

The idea came from Taishiro-san who was also the lead in the initiative. He had thought of approaching Aizu University based on the university’s profile – they’ve been around for less than 30 years and they are ranked 23rd among the Japan universities according to The Times Higher Education (THE), especially in Computer Science and Engineering.

Team BuildingTaishiro-san & Professor Tei Shigaku from The University of Aizu.

If the partnership between Zanroo and Aizu University continues in the long term, we can foresee an increased affinity among youths towards our brand. Further, Taishiro envisions that such an initiative could be duplicated to the larger education community, allowing Zanroo to tap into a bigger talent pool among fresh graduates. Other benefits include:

  • Acquiring talents already familiar with Zanroo’s tools and products.
  • Fresh graduates entering the corporate world could potentially introduce Zanroo as a business solution to his/her company.
  • Hooking talent’s interest with Zanroo’s product-solutions like – social listening, insights & analytics.
  • Data scientist jobs are in high demand, we believe exposing Zanroo to university students will trigger further interest.

“Piloting this training session in Japan is only the beginning. My plan is to implement this training session to other universities (and/or any education facilities) outside of Japan to raise awareness and importance of data and information, and how it affects business decision” – Taishiro Miyayauchi, Managing Director for Japan.

Taichiro-san with studentsTaishiro-san and the 1st phase students.

We’re very lucky to have Aizu University’s support, they had even introduced Zanroo to their freshmen during “Open Campus Event” (http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/admissions/opencampus/)

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