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Every 2 years, top athletes from Southeast-Asian (SEA) countries congregates to compete against each other at the SEA games. The main goal is to foster greater relationships between member nations. This year (2017), they meet in Kuala Lumpur as Malaysia plays the big role in bringing everyone together in celebrating the regions’ achievements.

Quick Facts:

  • Period: 19 – 30 August 2017
  • Host City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Motto: “Rising Together”, “Bangkit Bersama”
  • Number of Sports: 38

Even though the Official Opening Ceremony took place on 19 August, the events started on 14 August. So, what happened since then?

1. Daily Mentions Trend

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2. How often are the countries mentioned?

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3. Which social channels are the messages from?

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the most engaging posts from the various social channels.


1. Khairul Hafiz (AKA Speedy Jantan) won the 100m race – First gold in 14 years for Malaysia.

#kl2017 #olahraga #tahniah #jaguhkita Khairul Hafiz muncul pelari termuda dalam sejarah temasya merampas takhta jaguh…

Người đăng: Harian Metro vào 22 Tháng 8 2017

2. Facebook Live: Polo match between Malaysia & Brunei. Malaysia (Led by Khairy), Brunei (Led by Prince Mateen).

#UtusanLive Sukan SEA : Ekuestrian Polo antara Malaysia diketuai Khairy Jamaluddin dan Brunei diketuai Pangiran Muda Abdul Mateen Bolkiah di Putrajaya Equestraian Park.

Người đăng: Utusan Online vào 22 Tháng 8 2017

3. Facebook Live by Prime Minister Najib: SEA Games 2017 Opening Ceremony.

Hari yang dinantikan sudah tiba, pembukaan rasmi Sukan SEA dan Sukan Para ASEAN 2017 . Ayuh kita #BangkitBersama #KL2017!

Người đăng: Najib Razak vào 19 Tháng 8 2017

4. Netball: Malaysia defeated Singapore to win the Gold medal after 16 years. The post focused on the “Player of the Tournament” – An Najwa

You guys rasa berapa kah ketinggian An Najwa ni? Jeng jeng jeng…#PenaHot#KL2017#KitaJuara#BangkitBersama

Người đăng: Hot FM vào 21 Tháng 8 2017

5. Netball: Height of Malaysia’s tallest player, Norashikin Kamalzaman, which is 186cm.

Memang tinggi sungguh ni 😱

Người đăng: ROTIKAYA vào 20 Tháng 8 2017


1. A daughter’s post on her dad’s touching Facebook message (Birthday celebration for her mom during the SEA Games Opening Ceremony).

2. A post to remind the audience to not meddle with the LED fixtures placed in front of the seats which will be used for the Opening Ceremony

3. A mesmerizing scene during the Opening Ceremony.

4. Synchronised swimming: Synchronised answer during an interview with the Malaysian duo who won the Gold medal.

5. Spectacular fireworks during the Opening Ceremony.


1. Men’s Football: Tears from Indonesia’s captain, Hansamu.

2. Zizan Razak’s post on Malaysia’s synchronised swimming duo winning the Gold medal.

3. Indonesia’s football team line-up.

SKUAD SEAGAMES Inilah 21 pemain timnas U-22 yang berangkat ke SEA Games 2017: Kiper: Kurniawan Kartika Aji (Persiba Balikpapan), Satria Tama (Persegres Gresik United), Mochammad Diky Indriyana (Bali United) Belakang: Andy Setyo (PS TNI), Hansamu Yama (Barito Putera), Ryuji Utomo (Persija), Putu Gede (Bhayangkara FC), Gavin Kwan (Barito Putera), Ricky Fajrin (Bali United), Rezaldi Hehanusa (Persija) Tengah: M Hargianto (Persija), Asnawi Mangkualam Bahar (PSM), Hanif Abdurrauf Sjahbandi (Arema FC), Evan Dimas (Bhayangkara FC), Septian David Maulana (Mitra Kukar), Febri Haryadi (Persib), Osvaldo Haay (Persipura), Saddil Ramdani (Persela) Depan: Ezra Walian (-), Marinus Mariyanto (Persipura), Yabes Roni (Bali United) Sukses untuk Timnas.. Bawa Emas SEA Games💪💪🏅🎖️ #timnas #timnasday #timnasindonesia #timnasgaruda #indonesia #pssi #juara #seagames #garuda

A post shared by Pengamat Sepakbola 🔵 (@pengamatsepakbola) on

4. Indonesia’s first 2 golds allowed them to lead the medals’ tally at the beginning.

5. Football: Indonesia vs Philippines (3rd goal from Indonesia).


1. CNN Indonesia: Indonesia’s women Sepak Takraw team walked out in protest during the match against Malaysia.

2. Behind the scenes: Indonesia’s women Sepak Takraw team walked out in protest during the match against Malaysia.

3. Two South Korean’s commentary on the women’s Sepak Takraw match between Indonesia and Malaysia.

4. Men’s Football match: Indonesia vs Philippines.

5. CNN Indonesia: Malaysia apologised on the issue in which Indonesia’s flag was printed upside down in the souvenir guidebook.

That’s a wrap for now. Stay tuned for the second article!

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