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ARUN technology is not a new thing but it’s real Big Data (5Vs)

People hear about Big Data technology but are not sure what it is and how it works.

So let’s start with what Big Data is

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At the early stage of big data people discovered 3Vs – Volume, Variety and Velocity.

  1. Volume: It’s about the volume of data that is needed to have a lot of records such as billions of data in reports, thousands of files, etc.
  2. Variety: There is non-standard type of data in a place such as photo, text file or different data schema. All of these are from different places and then we need to combine it together. For example, data from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Forums are from difference data schema about how we can make them calculable.
  3. Velocity: This is the most important concept of Big Data as it talks about speed that we can calculate/visualize data from a big volume and variety of data source/type. Velocity is the key to change all the way of legacy technology to become big data technology.

This really is the first big data concept and Zanroo has used this to be key to design all infrastructure system and user interface. However, developing big data systems over time, we learned that big data concept has two more Vs.

These are Veracity and Value. This has become the core concept of Big Data that we need to follow as most Big data technology companies have learned the same thing – that the 3Vs are not enough to have good data to apply for business. Some companies spent a lot of money to implement Big data technology and saw no outcome which meant that their investment on the design resulted in Big Data output that was not good

So, what do we mean by Veracity and Value and why is it important to Big Data.

  1. Veracity: this one is dealing with uncontrollable data and data accuracy. It’s about the need to make good data from variety of data types. For example, data from forums in USA, will have typos, spam, synonyms and difference languages. This cost a lot in previous version of the Big data concept. If data is not good enough then we cannot use it for analysis or visualization. It will not yield a good output.
  2. Value: When working with big data technology you need to have a clear purpose and expectation to be able to focus on value of its outcome.

What is Arun Technology?

Since Zanroo has been doing social listening/monitoring and engagement for few years now, let me explain our technology by each V.

  1. Volume, What do we do for volume? We focus on getting large volumes of data such as photos, media files and number of data in social media such as twitter or forum.
  2. Variety, We created a new product called Zanroo Platform. This is an Open API for integration with Zanroo. This one will open Zanroo to get data from more data sources beyond what Zanroo has already implement. For example, if a company also live chat and chat-bot system then they can integrate with Zanroo to do data analysis or use Zanroo Desk, our social CRM solution, to let chatbots work with agents. Another example of variety is Zanroo Campaign which combines data from multiple data sources such as Facebook, Facebook ads, Twitter, Twitter ads, YouTube, YouTube analytics, Google Analytics, Forum and etc.
  3. Velocity, We designed new infrastructure to support more variety of data at hig velocity.
  4. Veracity, This is a big focus in Arun to help users to analyze the data to obtain accurate outcomes. For example, by extract a percentage of the language in the content in a message is beneficial for countries that have more than one language. It can help you observe the affinity of the language to the brand. In our product roadmap, we are implementing spam detection to enable customers to see only good data.
  5. Value, In Arun, more products will be releasing in the coming year. The focus is on building products that simplify complex data and can add value to businesses.

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