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ARUN – Technology

ARUN technology is not a new thing but it’s real Big Data (5Vs) People hear about Big Data technology but are not sure what it is and how it works. So let’s start with what Big Data is [Need to remake Image and use our CI] At the early stage of big data people discovered…

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Evolving market research with social intelligence

Brands depend on traditional market research techniques and results to develop competitive advantage and better customer experiences. However, balancing proper techniques that lead to valuable insight with the speed of business limits the overall efficacy of these studies. Core challenges include lengthy timelines that can render research obsolete, expensive focus groups that tell researchers more…

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Customer success: moving beyond churn reduction

Based on a recent study with 100 Customer Success executives by RegalixResearch, the majority of large and medium sized organizations in the technology space are investing in Customer Success: nearly 3 in 4 have a clearly defined Customer Success strategy. In the same survey, the top objective stated by two thirds of respondents was ‘reducing…

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