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Onboarding & Enablement - Zanroo

Great customer experience is a philosophy!

When investing in a new technology or service solution the first steps often set the tone for the engagement and it’s important that it is a great customer experience.

At Zanroo great customer experience is woven into our philosophy, quite simply, it is one of the key objectives of successfully applying social intelligence. That’s why our onboarding process is designed to support brand social marketing teams every step of the way.

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Onboarding & Enablement - Zanroo

Immediately discover social intelligence

The onboarding process for our service solutions follows a methodology that has been specifically designed to be seamless and effective so new clients are up and running quickly.

With Zanroo, your social channel marketers get off to a flying start that enables your brand to begin realizing ROI rapidly. Our onboarding and enablement services help new users enjoy a great experience and immediately start to discover social intelligence.

Onboarding & Enablement - Zanroo

Key onboarding elements

  • Custom setup of dashboard(s) to meet client specifications, with relevant KPIs and visual widgets and full exporting capabilities for high impact presentations.
  • Write optimal keywords and queries around your brand for each target country to ensure data is precise and useful.
  • Consult to identify and support your goals and assemble a support package that meets your needs.
  • Our team of experts and innovative service are on hand to help clients use our industry-leading technology to accelerate business value.

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