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Training & Education - Zanroo

Lowering barriers to adoption

Adopting new technology and service solutions can be difficult when there is a learning curve.

That’s why Zanroo provides extensive training and education services to make sure customers are fully supported as their brand management teams get up to speed with gathering social intelligence and learning how to apply it to make marketing more effective.

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Training & Education - Zanroo

Ongoing training and educational support

Our commitment to continual development of our software and services solutions means the need for training and educational support is ongoing.

With Zanroo, over the lifecycle of your engagement with Zanroo, our customer success services are here to provide training and support learning, skills and knowledge transfer so that your brand obtains the maximum value.

Training & Education - Zanroo

A structured approach to knowledge transfer

  • ‘Social intelligence results, fast’ oriented onboarding process to get brand teams up to speed.
  • Periodic training is scheduled to ensure efficient and effective usage of the platform.
  • Adopt best practice and benefit from the vast experience we have gained working with our clients.
  • All the help needed to enable your brand marketers to become social data experts that provide great insight.

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