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Value Added Services - Zanroo

A deeper dive into big data

Data is a science and ‘deep diving’ to manipulate big data to unlock hidden intelligence requires expertise.

At Zanroo we understand that not every brand has a data scientist on the marketing team. So, we offer detailed and customized reporting as a value-added service.

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Value Added Services - Zanroo

Improving the value of social intelligence

Our data analysis experts take the hard work out of analytics to deliver customized reporting, optimized to try to reveal more about how brands perform on social media channels, or in response to urgent or evolving situations.

With Zanroo, you are better able to uncover the things you want or need to know about your brand. Social is dynamic and constantly evolving. Ongoing consultation enables you to keep us up to date with your changing social intelligence priorities and objectives to optimize data deliverables.

Value Added Services - Zanroo

Social is dynamic

  • Customized reports to uncover intelligence specific to your brand.
  • Ad-hoc customized reports in response to urgent or evolving situations.
  • Ongoing monitoring with expert analysis of data and situations.

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