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Leadership - Zanroo

Chitpol Mungprom

Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Zanroo

“‘I fight and turn problems into opportunities’ – that is my manifesto.”

Chitpol Mungprom was born as the only child in a modest family. His father gave him the nickname, ‘Fight’, reflecting his personal struggle to raise the family.

Since his youth Fight has been a confident and optimistic man. He has always achieved what he dreamed of.

He loves music and won a national singing competition when he was a high school student. He remains active in studio music production.

Fight earned his Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Electrical-Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering from Kasetsart University.

He dreamed of establishing businesses that can simultaneously create job opportunities and improve lives. He has started businesses in various categories, such as apparel and catering.

Before setting up Zanroo, Fight predicted the future of learning will reside largely in an online ecosystem of educational resources.

A turning point happened when he started talking to his schoolmate Udomsak Donkhampai who is a tech genius, to build a groundbreaking technology business.

Zanroo was officially found in 2013 with the aim of building a solution that helps many stakeholders to understand ‘Social Data’ better and be able to make full use of it.

Leadership - Zanroo

Carter Lim

Chief Operating Officer

Carter Lim, born in Melaka, a historical city in Malaysia on 22 December 1976, earned his Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) in Communication System Engineering from Coventry University, UK.

Carter’s work as Service engineer for MECO, required him to travel to many different countries across Asia, Europe and North America.

This helped him build his professional abilities, soft skills such as problem solving, and to have a broader outlook by increasing his cultural awareness.

In 2005, Carter started the first sales role of his career at OSTASIA in selling production machinery. In 2007, Carter decided on a major career move and took on the challenge of starting his own business as a co-founder of BSL Technologies.

Carter started Zanroo Malaysia in 2014 together with Mia, the current MD of Zanroo Malaysia. In 2 years he helped drive the company from market new comer to one of the top three insight discovery players.

In 2016, Carter continued his adventure by exploring and entering new markets for Zanroo in Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.

He formed Zanroo Pte. Ltd. (Zanroo SG) and PT Zanroo Tech Indonesia (Zanroo ID) in 2017. In mid 2017, Carter was appointed as COO of IBG group.

Together with CEO, Fight, and CTO Ome, Carter continues the ‘Zanroo Journey of Life’, leading the brand to greater success and achievement of the company vision and mission.

Leadership - Zanroo

Udomsak Donkhampai (Ome)

Chief Technology Officer & Founder of Zanroo

Udomsak Donkhampai, nicknamed Ome, earned his Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Software and Knowledge Engineering from Kasetsart University.

In 2008, Ome won Microsoft’s Imagine Cup Thailand and represented the country in the global final of the software design competition in Paris.

Ome is a software talent. He has worked as a research assistant in the area of Information Extraction at the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC).

Ome started off his career in the R&D department at Vizrt in 2009, where he proved his exceptional talent for solving complex tech issues.

Soon he was promoted to Project Manager, making him the youngest to take on this responsibility at Vizrt and giving him an impressive milestone very early in his career.

Ome co-founded Zanroo in 2013 together with Fight (CEO). As the CTO since inception, he is the mastermind behind Zanroo’s insight discovery platform which ensures that insights are quickly and efficiently extracted from social big data.

Over time, Ome has built Zanroo into a solid platform to swiftly aggregate and process social conversations and drill down to gain consumer insights quickly. The platform is widely praised by paying customers and is growing fast across the Asia-Pacific region.

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