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Taking social engagement to the next level

Brands need to pay special attention to online communities because customer groups are far more influential than any single individual.

Zanroo enables brands to engage and look after social channel customer communities better with its powerful community care features.

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Nurturing online communities

Our clients are able to monitor and listen to communities and see dashboards of essential community performance indicators.

Use Zanroo to manage SLAs. Zanroo can be used for your internal workflow to manage enquiries, cases and your community’s workflows with relevant SLAs and KPIs for the team so you can track your agent’s time to handle enquiries.

We give you the tools that enable your brand to deliver excellent customer care in real time. With Zanroo, you take special care and nurture online social communities to the standard that they expect.

Maintain high levels of community trust


Community care toolbox designed to make it simple and efficient to listen and look after brand communities.


Get notifications so that you can remain aware at all times of what the community is saying, thinking and doing.

Interact immediately

Interact immediately whenever it is appropriate to meet the needs of community groups or individuals.

Influencer awareness

Be more aware of influencers and how their thoughts may be leading or influencing other members of communities.

Zanroo Desk - Zanroo

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