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More than just getting closer to customers

Social listening and monitoring is rooted in the idea of getting closer to your customers, but it is more than that.

With Zanroo, brands are better at sensing what the market wants or might do because our social listening and monitoring tools help you obtain better awareness of the marketplace.

Zanroo Listening - Zanroo

Filter out the noise

Our clients are able to listen out for every mention of their brands and filter out noise to gain a thorough understanding of brand relevant conversations in social channels.

Zanroo ensures your brand taps into any conversations on social media that might directly or indirectly influence the success of your products or services. Continually listen and monitor for individual mentions and analyze all conversations to get market intelligence.

Market insight and intelligence at our fingertips

Social listening

Social Listening – Capture online conversations based on specific keywords, phrases or brands and analyze better understand trends in your industry.

Social monitoring

Social Monitoring – Monitors social media conversations about your company, products and competitors to gain insight on the competitive landscape of your industry.


Segment to organize conversations based on key attributes.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis categorizes emotions from conversations accurately based on local understanding.

Zanroo Listening - Zanroo