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Brand Health - Zanroo

Watch for vital signs

It’s important to be able to gauge brand health, that is understand the general sentiment out there towards the brand, products and services.

Zanroo social listening provides instant feedback enabling brands to get a broader feel and to respond directly to an unhappy comment. Social listening takes a deeper analytical view so that you can understand overall perceptions and marketplace sentiment.

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Brand Health - Zanroo

Social listening gives you the bigger picture

With Zanroo, a customized social listening report enables brands to keep watch for the vital signs and track overall brand health performance.

Using Zanroo, social listening analyzes the mass of data from monitoring individual conversations, to reveal the bigger picture and give you an overall idea of the way that positive and negative sentiment on social media shapes how people feel about your brand.

A strategic approach to tracking overall brand health


Identify the questions you have about your brand and decide on keywords and topics and the key metrics that can provide answers.


Measure how much your brand rises above or falls below the initial baseline to track brand health performance.


Set brand goals and devise a process to make teams responsible for delivering results, such as an overall improvement in performance.

Train brand teams

Train brand teams so they can exploit the social intelligence Zanroo delivers and understand the importance of performing and applying analytics in context.

Brand Health - Zanroo

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