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Consumer Analysis - Zanroo

Customers as individuals and groups

With millions of conversations across hundreds of channels, it may be difficult to understand what customers are saying.

Zanroo enables brands to filter what’s important from the background noise, to better understand customers, both as groups and as individuals.

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Consumer Analysis - Zanroo

Hear more clearly and learn from what customers say

Brands using Zanroo are able to listen to the audience like never before. Analysis of what customers feel about brand, products and services enables Zanroo’s clients to develop product and service offers that are better aligned with what customers want and expect.

With Zanroo, your brand listens more closely. Gain deeper insight from your customer conversations so your brand can offer better products, create more-targeted messaging, and learn how to best engage with the right customers in the right place at the right time.

Bring customers closer


Listen to any channel you want to get a better view of customers and learn how to bring them closer.

Customers first

Put your customers first – develop a deep understanding so you know how to meet their needs better than your competitors.

Better marketing campaigns

Create better marketing campaigns, products, and services based-on real-time customer feedback.

Correlate customer data

Correlate customer data and intelligence to guide meaningful and timely responses to help you deliver a unified brand experience.

Consumer Analysis - Zanroo

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