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Industry Benchmarks - Zanroo

What does the competitive landscape look like?

The most successful brands keep both eyes on the marketplace so they can understand the competitive landscape.

With Zanroo, social intelligence enables brands to benchmark against competitors and to better understand how to formulate a winning strategy.

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Industry Benchmarks - Zanroo

Uncover what’s happening on social and beyond

Our clients monitor competitor activity to see where they are. They get clarity on whether they are ahead or behind the curve and where they may be gaining traction, anywhere there is a mention on the Internet.

You might want an overarching view across the top of your industry, or you might want a ‘deeper dive’ to see what’s being said about specific topics or products. Whatever your brand objective, if it’s happening on the Internet, Zanroo uncovers it.

Develop better brand intelligence


Macro to micro level research right across the Internet, from industry overview or brand right down to specific, topics and product lines.

Stronger strategies

Develop stronger strategies through understanding competitor strengths and weaknesses and identifying any opportunities for your brand.

Evaluate and benchmark

Evaluate and benchmark your brand against your competitors’ social media performance to build an effective strategy.

Convert digital conversations

Convert digital conversations into insights to provide a comprehensive perspective of a specific industry.

Industry Benchmarks - Zanroo

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