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Live Trends - Zanroo

See what’s happening right now

Social media conversations happen in real time, 24/7 and brands can’t afford to be behind the curve when it comes to knowing what is being said.

Zanroo pushes real time notifications to brand marketers so they immediately see when a keyword is hot or trending.

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Live Trends - Zanroo

Listen for keywords important to your brand

Our clients maintain a constant watch for the keywords that are important to their brands, so they can see what is happening on social in real time.

Zanroo helps to continually take the pulse of social channels, to monitor for trends and listen for reactions. Your brand gets real time understanding of how customers see you, your competitors, and of anything relevant in the wider world.

Listen carefully and react fast

Live trends

Jump on live trends as they are happening – not hours and days later when the conversation has most likely moved on.

Social channel reaction

Modify content or live campaigns based on the social channel reaction, whether it needs a simple tweak or it needs to be completely pulled.


Listen for industry or regulatory topics that may affect the operating environment for your brand.

Leverage content

Leverage relevant news stories with your own appropriate social channel content to piggyback your brand.

Live Trends - Zanroo

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