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What customers in different places are saying

Perceptions of a brand and chief topics of conversation may vary with location, and it’s important to be able to see any differences.

Zanroo lets brands map social channel conversations geographically so brand marketers can see what’s being said in a region, country or locality.

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Maps - Zanroo

Localize for each market

Our clients have a better understanding of geographical variations and preferences to better localize social media activity, shape key messages and guide campaigns and content.

With Zanroo, your brand overlays all other information types with geographical data to get local, country, regional and global views of what customers are saying, thinking and doing on social media in relation to your products and services.

Leverage geographical intelligence


Geographically map information on conversation topics and content types with data about influencers and demographics so you can adjust your brand content strategy to match.

Discover trends

Discover what’s trending in location and leverage the trends by inserting the right keywords and hashtags into the system and the brand’s social conversations.


Discover which topics, trends and brands particularly interest your target audience in an area, so you can then create appropriate marketing campaigns.


Learn from how competitor brands may localize their approach to social media marketing in different geographical areas and optimize your strategy for each market.

Maps - Zanroo

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