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Crisis Management - Zanroo

Act quickly to protect reputation

Negative social comment has a habit of going viral and brands need to continually monitor for anything that might impact reputation.

Zanroo equips brands with the tools and strategies so they respond quickly to news and social media conversations that pose a risk to reputation.

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Crisis Management - Zanroo

Crisis management strategy and workflow

Our clients monitor for emerging negative news and comment and brand management teams are notified so they can execute their workflows crisis management strategies as soon as possible.

With Zanroo, your brand gets social intelligence that gives you the ability to spot emerging negative news and conversations. This enables your brand to manage, and potentially avert, major crises.

Take control in a crisis


Be notified of emerging news items that may create impacts when stories relate to corporate affairs, government or regulatory action.

Act quickly

Act quickly to prevent minor disputes and minimize the potential for major issues developing into bigger conversations which impact brand sentiment.

Social mentions

Understand how serious the problem is by seeing the volume of social mentions and virility relating to a crisis.

Observe change

Observe changes towards your brand before, during and after a crisis to understand how sentiment changes and plan further communication initiatives.

Crisis Management - Zanroo

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