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Zanroo is one of the world’s fastest growing MarTech companies.

Today's customers use multiple channels to engage with your brand.

Gain a better, more complete understanding of your customers by combining social, marketing and CRM data with Zanroo. Find out what your customers say, how they think, what matters most to them and then know how to react.


Introducing the Arun MarTech platform.

Arun is the backbone of our solution stack, which allows you to leverage real time big data and discover actionable insights. Arun integrates with the existing applications you may have, including leading CRM tools.

Core products of Zanroo include:

Listening & Monitoring

Zanroo Listening

Monitor and capture online conversations about your company, be it specific keywords, phrases or brands. Have insights of industry trends at your fingertips.

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Social Engagement

Zanroo Desk

Consolidate your inbound messages into a single platform allowing you to track and engage customers and communities on a personal level.

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Campaign Optimization

Zanroo Campaign

Monitor the progress of your marketing in one place, allowing you to plan and optimize strategic activities, and see the ROI of media spend to make decisions on marketing.

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Why global brands and agencies are choosing Zanroo.

Zanroo is packed with benefits that help you to know what your customers think and identify the things that matter most to them.

With Zanroo, global brands better understand how to create exceptional social experiences, react to protect reputation and measure the impact of marketing campaigns.


Listen to the social channels where your customers are talking

Understand your customers and competitors by listening to any combination of social channels, discover online sentiments and reshape public perceptions around your brand.

Real-time insights

Discover and predict trends with detailed real-time insights

Uncover specific live trends and insights as they develop, across all of your chosen social channels.

Campaign optimization

Boost ROI for paid, owned and earned with campaign optimization

Campaign Optimization supports more effective social media marketing, improving ROI so that brands win with social. Brands can use this information to do activity like plan campaigns, allocate budgets and manage product launches.

Identify crisis

Identify crises when they happen

Our real time insights help you identify a crisis when it happens and engage with customers directly to resolve it straight away.


Protect, and improve your brand’s reputation

Understand the online sentiment around your brand and reshape public perception of your brand.

Strategic decision making

Data supported strategic decision making

The Arun platform provides the data and insights. Our strategic decision making analysis enables you to understand your customers and what matters to them most.

Home - Zanroo

More than just a software platform.

Work with Zanroo’s Client Success team to turn data into actionable insights.

Market research and customized reports

Use digital conversations to gain insights on an industry and get customized reports on brand health, campaign performance, influencer analysis and more.

Marketing consultancy

Work with our industry experts to create marketing strategies, and then implement and measure the success of them.

Real time notifications and monitoring

Get real-time notifications when relevant issues are trending. Sieve through conversations to get accurate data on key segments and sentiment.

Who uses Zanroo.

Trusted by leading brands around the world.

"With Zanroo, we are more informed of our consumers’ feedbacks on products, especially during new product launches. We are able to trace any online conversation that relates to our products and by doing it at large, we are able to gain valuable insights. " Head of PR & Corporate Communication Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL

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