Zanroo Desk

Zanroo Smart Contact Center stepped in to make way for a new level of customer engagement in delivering excellent customer care in real time

What is Zanroo Desk?

Customer Engagement tool which help enterprise on better communication with customer through multiple communication channels that preferred by the customer. By using Zanroo technology, smooth customer experiment can be conducted, combined with our AI technology which helps tremendously in improving communication between the two parties.


Our technology combines all social media engagement; Email, LiveChat and Voice into one platform to ease managing conversations in one workplace.


This AI technology eases assignment of tasks to multiple agents as it can set to routing and prioritize them by language, topic and channel.


For our voice technology, we use VOIP to have IPBX on cloud that enables enterprises to have calls from anywhere in the world via the internet. Besides the much lower cost, it also has the flexibility to setup voice on cloud.


Our chatbot technology is embedded in our system which manages and trains chatbot quicker. Additionally, it can create a hassle-free experience of switching from chatbot to agent.

User mapping

This feature has the capability to map user from multi-channels and identify him/her as one specific customer. This feature helps enterprise to enhance customer experience by turning multi-channel conversion into one topic/entity.

Customer Data Platform

Our tool can manage customer information that are received from omnichannel communication and all customer consensus (PDPA/GDPR) for processing.

Data Analytic Hub

This technology focuses on data integration which helps to combine all data from multi source into one big data lake. In the tool, we provide data flow that quickens the process to develop meta data or data mapping for the purpose of conducting analysis and visualization.


Our service assists customer to optimize the use of our technology and our service, guided by our expertise in research industry.