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About Us - Zanroo


Our Company

Zanroo was incorporated in 2013. Our products and services are built around the proprietary technology we began developing in 2008. Starting from a core offer of keyword and trend analysis, we have evolved our business into a complete web-based social intelligence solution, integrating social listening, monitoring, engagement and customer service.


Our vision is born out of a simple idea focused on delivering tangible benefits for clients. Quite simply, we see brand marketing becoming easier by closing the gap between marketers and technology.


Our aim is to continue to build our reputation as a world-class marketing technology company and as a ‘go to’ problem solver, which provides clients with the best solutions. We help brands leverage technology to obtain the right data and to make insight driven decisions, driving actions that create meaningful engagement. At the heart of this is our desire to enable our clients to understand consumers better, connect with them more effectively, and continually evolve the way marketing is done.

About Us - Zanroo

Zanroo Technology

The backbone of our solution stack, Arun, integrates with existing tools used by brands, including CRM. Arun is the platform which powers the core products of Zanroo:

  • Listening and Monitoring
  • Social Customer Care
  • Campaign
About Us - Zanroo

Zanroo People

Zanroo People are dynamic, creative and customer-centric. We are a diverse and inclusive, multi-national, multi-country team. Together, we form a cohesive unit of leading MarTech practitioners that share a primary focus on:

  • Improving and supporting our innovative best-in-class online software platform
  • Supporting in-house marketers to use the software to achieve better brand management
  • Delivering first-class outsourced social intelligence solutions to brand owners and agencies

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