Zanroo shares a new era of change with 'Generative AI', how to use it to suit your business

May 30, 2023

Generative AI or artificial intelligence that creates new experiences becomes an effective way to lead the direction of marketing by analyzing and providing recommendations for businesses. It unlocks insights that the people might otherwise overlook and is designed to change the world, with many industries focusing on this capability.

Mr. Udomsak Donkhamprai, Chief Technology Officer – Zanroo, shared information on 'Applying Generative AI for business' on the AI & The Future Stage at the Marketing Oops! Summit 2023, talking behind the scenes of Generative AI models and applications.

Get to know the LLM or Large Language Model behind the scenes of Generative AI

LLM (Large Language Model) is the model behind Generative AI or the large language structure that is currently trending. It is used in chatbots such as ChatGPT with the ability to understand and analyze a large number of messages to generate messages that connect users verbatim. That allows business operations to be aligned with all aspects of the conversation and increase the opportunity to generate new ideas.

Using Generative AI for Business

Generative AI is used to create visual, audio, text, and code generators. Most of them initiate commands from text, which can be divided into two parts:

1. Full service is the use of information from a third party (Third Party Service Provider) by inputting a command (Prompt) through one LLM to come out as the desired answer, using Prompt engineering to help pull out the capabilities of the language model. To be effectively using third-party datasets results in rapid succession. But there is a risk of exposing information to the outside world and it can have a negative effect on the business if there is a problem with third-party systems.

2. Integrated service It uses the strengths of GenerativeAI and our existing data to help analyze and improve decisions for better businesses. This type of implementation is capital intensive and relies heavily on input from highly knowledgeable people to uncover business growth opportunities.

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