ZANROO & HUAWEI CLOUD Unlock Value from Data through Technological Innovation

November 9, 2020

Customer Background

Zanroo was incorporated in 2013. Starting from a core service offering of keyword and trend analysis, Zanroo has evolved business into providing a complete web-based social intelligence solution, integrating social listening, monitoring, engagement, and customer service.

Zanroo has earned a reputation as a world-class marketing technology company and as a ‘go-to’ problem solver, providing clients with tailored solutions for business success. Zanroo helps brands leverage technology to obtain the right data and to make insight- driven decisions, driving actions that create meaningful engagement.


Zanroo has been developing at a rapid pace over the years, and their business systems have gradually started to encounter performance bottlenecks. The customer business system lacks efficiency, which has hindered their development. Zanroo urgently needs to improve efficiency, reduce IT expenditures, and discover new revenue streams.


After several rounds of discussion with Zanroo, HUAWEI CLOUD designed an E2E optimization solution for Zanroo. Zanroo used Document Database Service (DDS), a high-performance, secure, and scalable MongoDB-compatible database service; Cloud Search Service (CSS), a fully managed, distributed search engine service; and other big data services to improve performance and system stability. They also used an Arm-based Redis database from HUAWEI CLOUD to improve customer efficiency in retrieving the frequently accessed data. HUAWEI CLOUD experts also recommended a new architecture for the Zanroo IT system to increase efficiency.


The ARM-based Redis solution reduced IT expenditures by approximately 40%. It delivered higher performance while keeping OPEX low. HUAWEI CLOUD is always standing by to provide technical support, so Zanroo technical experts can stay focused on technology development, explore new innovations, and take Zanroo and products to the next level.

Zanroo intends to continue developing new businesses on HUAWEI CLOUD. By using HUAWEI CLOUD, they no longer need to build IT systems based on open-source software. They win more time to engage in accelerating business development, improving profitability, and taking an increasing larger share of the Asia Pacific market.

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